Over 70 years of history

Since 1949, this Polish company has gone through many stages. The work has been long and difficult to become a recognized cosmetics brand today, at the crossroads of traditional and modern. Barwa has been developed according to one principle: "The power of experience, stable development and superior products are our path to success.". By constantly striving to achieve its goals, they continue to improve the quality of their products, making a name for themselves in the cosmetics industry. Today, Barwa offers 4 treatments: Naturalna treatments, a hypoallergenic line, an Extra Care line and the famous Siarkowa anti-acne treatments that have made the reputation of the brand.

Over 70 face & body treatments

The Naturalna range is committed to people and the planet by designing products of natural origin. From solid or liquid soap, to hand cream and shampoos, it provides a clean solution whatever your habits. Suitable for vegans, solid hand soaps come in different scents. Avocado, Aloe Vera, rice, almond, olive, fig and hemp are all active ingredients that provide the skin with what it needs to be perfectly clean, hydrated, nourished and comfortable. Once your hands are clean, apply a small dab of cream to them to take care of them. On the hair side, choose the treatment that best suits your needs: avocado shampoo for dry hair, egg shampoo for brittle hair or even peony shampoo to give volume!

Did you know ? The use of solid cosmetics makes it possible to considerably reduce its ecological footprint by limiting plastic waste and allowing more care to be carried out.

The Barwa hypoallergenic skincare line has been well developed over many years. Today, the brand offers a range specially designed for the most sensitive skin. It consists of various solid soaps, body lotions, shower gels, micellar shampoo and intimate hygiene products. Each type of sensitive skin is treated with natural active ingredients known for their benefits: chamomile extract takes care of irritated skin, dandelion extract pampers dry skin, liquorice meets the needs of all skin types.

Extra Care is a short range presenting products for the rescue of very dry and damaged skin. The formulation of Extra Care treatments is very rich in nourishing and repairing active ingredients such as vitamin F, vitamin E, glycerin, keratin and biotin.

Siarkowa, a magic anti-acne potion

The Barwa brand has become known, in part thanks to this range of products which are highly recognized in Poland, then abroad, for its ability to treat acne. All the treatments you need to fight acne are available: soothing cream, cleansing foam, micellar water, tonic, exfoliating mask, liquid soap, solids, serum and facial peel are available and formulated with aloe vera and suffers. The implementation of a Siarkowa anti-acne care routine makes it possible to purify the skin, to relieve it, to clean it, to treat it and to work on the disappearance of acne marks.

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