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Bar, a minimalist lifestyle

Barr is a Korean brand that dreams of and believes in a simpler, less materialistic and less stressed life: focus on yourself, take time for yourself, think about what matters to you, get rid of the things that are useless... Barr cosmetics want to promote a sincere, positive and sustainable lifestyle.

Demanding cosmetics

Skin obsessives will be won over by Barr's vegan facials. Discover products with excellent and minimalist formulas, based on active ingredients of natural origin. All have a common objective: to repair the skin barrier of the most sensitive skin. They only use EWG 0 - 2 (Green Grade) ingredients to suit irritated, dry and sensitive skin. They are formulated without perfume or artificial colors.

In addition to the attention given to the skin, respect for the planet is a priority for Céleste and Joey, the two founders of the Barr brand. Barr cosmetics are simple on all levels, both in terms of their composition and in terms of their packaging. The packaging of each product is manufactured with respect for the environment in order to avoid waste as much as possible.

A short range that goes to the essentials

Advocating minimalism means being able to respond to the various skin problems with a short range that goes straight to the point. Find a solar essence, an energizing or lightening ampoule, a day cream, a cleansing and soothing gel, a soothing lotion, a soothing gel and a soothing cream based on Centella.

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