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Welcome to the barber

Entering the Barburys universe is like setting foot in a men's salon: materials, accessories and care for beard and mustache maintenance. With its complete offer, Barburys meets the needs of barbers and hairdressers who must constantly adapt to new men's trends. Cutting, shaving and shaping beards and mustaches is now an art.

Creativity, rigour, know-how, precision are essential qualities for a barber, but the products and materials used are just as important! Barburys by Sibel works alongside professionals who are passionate about their profession with very high quality products. From razors to beard conditioner: Barburys has you covered!

Barburys cosmetics

Barburys manufactures a whole range of male cosmetics. This exclusive line is divided into two parts: beard care and shaving products.

Beard care with argan and jojoba oil: Discover beard shampoo, beard conditioner, wax... everything you need to maintain and discipline your beard and mustache on a daily basis. Whether short or long, beards and mustaches require special attention. With Barburys, your skin is soft and your beard healthy.

Shaving products: Perform traditional shaves using all the products necessary for an impeccable result: shaving soap, shaving cream and gel, after-shave balm, alum stone and shotgun for irritated areas. All with a subtle, fresh and invigorating scent of mint, lemon and cinnamon.

Barburys accessories

Barber work is a job that requires a lot of know-how, but also accessories. It is important to be well equipped to be able to work comfortably and bring complete satisfaction to the customers. From razors to shaving brushes to towels, bowls, and razor towels, only essentials!

Razors: Gentleness, Bonus Wood, Butterfly... Choose the model that suits you best. Barburys by Sibel offers a wide range of razors: straight for traditional use, safety for classic shaving and with disposable blades for contemporary use. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced barber, at Barburys you will find what you need!

Shaving brushes: Essential for a rich and dense shaving foam! It is important to choose a good quality shaving brush to be able to carry out your barber job comfortably. 3 things allow you to know if your shaving brush is suitable: n°1 A quality bristle for better water absorption. #2 The number of bristles on the badger. The more there are, the wider the badger and the more shaving lather it can create. n°3 The handle and the design are also decisive.

Greatness at a low price

Barburys attaches great importance to being inspired and creating products and accessories worthy of the great shows for Men, but at affordable prices. Each material and each formula is chosen to offer the best quality/price ratio.

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