Astra Make-Up

Astra Make-Up

Astra Make-up 

Astra Make-up is the epitome of perfect Italian beauty. The philosophy of this great brand is limitless: to allow every woman to be herself. Around a perfect complexion, the eyes display an intense gaze and the eyebrows gain length with maximum volume mascaras. The mouth becomes full under the influence of lipsticks and flaming shine when the hands display a perfect manicure.

Magnetic eyes with Astra Make-up

Extra volume and intense eyes are on the program with Astra Make-up maxi-volume and waterproof eye makeup products. From intense black eyeliners to eyeshadows and eyeshadows to pencils and various accessories, the eyes gain depth in the blink of an eye.

A perfect complexion with Astra Make-up

Between liquid or compact foundations and BB creams for blemish-free skin, Astra Make-up care and makeup solutions sometimes provide a porcelain complexion, sometimes a long-lasting matte complexion.

Tamed eyebrows with Astra Make-up

With its wide range of beauty products dedicated to the eyes and eyebrows, nothing is left to chance. Astra Make-up mascaras and eyebrow pencils combine with accessories to intensely comb and outline the eyes.

Full lips with Astra Make-up

For beautiful lips, lipsticks and glosses come in a profusion of shades and textures. Shiny or pulpy effect, pencils allow you to redraw the outline of the lips.

Perfectly manicured hands with Astra Make-up

From lacquered nail polishes to ultra-resistant gel-effect varnishes, the hands are highlighted in intense shades. Bases, top coat and other accessories complete the Astra Make-up range for hands and nails.

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