Italian beauty, Swiss cosmetics expertise

The Arval brand offers 4 ranges of solar products and will appeal to fans of tanning products thanks to the technical expertise and Swiss expertise of Italian glamor

HALF TIMES for an amber complexion
The HALF TIMES product line consists of super-tanning dermosolar products that will help your skin reach a naturally amber and luminous complexion without forgetting to protect it from the traps of the sun's rays A synergistic system of 2 specific products (to be applied before and after exposure) which combines a screen calibrated harmful UV and ability to tan perfectly with very little exposure Arval Half times products are ideal for quickly getting an amber complexion and for intensifying and strengthening tanning

SOLAR for a tan and optimal comfort
The SOLAR product line is enriched with new active ingredients to obtain an intense tan and incomparable comfort The products of the SOLAIRE range, as well as all Arval products, have been rigorously designed and the formulations have been the fruit of years of research to ensure tangible results while offering a tan of quality, in complete safety and tranquility

COUPEROLL SUN for protection and softness
The protective products in the Couperoll Sun range are soothing and soothing and have been specially designed to protect the skin from rosacea Rosacea is a skin condition related to the fragility of the epidermis Thanks to Arval's dermocosmetic research, the Couperoll sun product line has been developed, providing broad spectrum UV / UVA sun protection and ultraviolet protection Its formulation is enriched with specific active ingredients for the protection of the environment and fragile microcirculation of the skin surface, while maintaining a pleasantly fresh and fresh texture

IL SOLE for protection and beauty
The Italian-styled Il Sole range from Arval is an exclusive solar line designed to protect the skin from solar radiation and help preserve its health and beauty A global defense system to face the traps of solar radiation (UVA - UVB-IR), fight against the early photoaging with a formulation enriched with active substances with dermoprotective action and anti-aging The solar products of the Il sole range, one meet the needs of all skin types with complete formulations that provide effective protection and a perfect tan with a long life

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