Artègo - Coloring & Bleaching




Large Italian brand well known in hairdressing salons, Artègo specializes in coloring and bleaching. Its products are the result of extensive research and development, always in search of solutions that are as practical to use as they are respectful of the hair. The coloring is permanent or semi-permanent according to the desires thanks to coloring creams with a pleasant texture. Bleaching and sweeping are made easy with performance powders and skincare products.

Thecoloring, the DNA of Artègo

Artègo offers several ranges of coloring products:
- It's color : creams low in ammonia and rich in pigments for permanent coloring,
- My Color Reflex : coloring creams without ammonia and pre-oxidized pigments,
- One60nine : creams without ammonia and enriched with moisturizing and protective substances,
- Energizer : for quick and effective semi-permanent coloring,
- You | Up2 : for a semi-permanent color, without ammonia, which naturally re-pigments the hair,
- Color Shine Mask : masks enriched with hemp oil and silk proteins to invigorate the natural color and hide the first gray hair.

Artègo decoration and sweeping: the techniques

Artègo offers an adequate solution for every discoloration and every sweep with different ranges:
- No Am White : powders for the discoloration of sensitive hair,
- Multiphlex : treatments based on organic substances, easy to use to protect and restore the hair,
- Balayage Bleach : technical powders specially developed for the balayage technique,
- Lovely Light : soft bleaching powders.

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