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Aromatica, a botanical and Korean brand

Aromatica is a face and hair care brand. She draws her inspiration from aromatherapy, care with essential oils, in order to offer natural beauty. All Aromatica treatments are made with vegan and natural formulas that exclude synthetic fragrances. This is how the brand obtained the COSMOS certification, an international label that regulates organic and natural cosmetics, and which is strictly managed to meet the requirements.

A committed brand

Aromatica offers care products with natural and vegan formulas of the highest possible quality. All the raw materials used for the formulation of the products are harvested in a sustainable way from reliable and trusted sites, using a direct circuit, directly from local producers. All Aromatica skincare packaging is made from recycled materials.

For many centuries, essential oils have been used to take care of body and mind. Recently, they are again gaining popularity in order to take care of one's skin and hair. In addition to essential oils, Aromatica products contain active ingredients recognized for their effectiveness on skin problems such as Aloe Vera which takes care of sensitive skin.

A true brand of Clean K-Beauty .

The essential oils used by Aromatica are 100% pure and natural, they are extracted from flowers, leaves, stems, roots, fruits. They are very concentrated in active ingredients and allow optimal effectiveness of the products. In addition, their delicate scent will make your skincare routine a real moment of calm. Aromatica's signature ingredient is precious Damask rose. It is picked by hand and extracted by natural distillation to preserve all its virtues.

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