Andis, a story of generations

In 1920, Mathew Andis, a toolmaker from Wisconsin in the United States, left everything to open his own business John Oster and Henry Meltzer join him and create Andis OM Manufacturing Their tool company became known and came to manufacture non-motorized hair clipper blades The three partners separate and Mathew develops Andis

The Andis Clipper, the first electric mower, stands out from its competitors: smaller, faster and more efficient Convinced of the future of his creation, Mathew and his family approached the hairdressers one by one and manufactured the clippers in the basement of the family home Barbers' growing influencer in the United States made Andis Clipper a great success; the family business is forced to find a larger workspace of 1,500 square meters

His son Matthew G Andis Jr, an electrical engineer, took over the business in 1938 and created the famous T-Outliner, which is still very popular His goal ? Focus on the quality of Andis mowers His work is recognized and the mowers are starting to export internationally

After him, a third generation took over: Matthew J Andis, in 1971 At that time, the Beatles were at the peak of their careers, trends changed and hairdressers couldn't keep up To respond to this new fashion movement, Matthew J Andis is expanding the catalog: curling iron and hair dryer are appearing The new Andis manager creates the wall-mounted hairdryers that hotels are snapping up around the world

Since it is a family business and above all a real success, Matthew J Andis hands over the presidency of the company to Matthew K Andis and his sister Laura Aware of the path traveled by the company and the values instilled by their ancestors They build privileged relationships with their employees, which improves Andis' performance

A Sucess Story that lasts forever

Now present in more than 90 countries around the world, Andis' will remains innovation The family business continues to create new products in line with developments in the hairdressing market Today, the brand offers a whole line of professional quality hairdressing equipment:

- mowers
- razors
- blades
- cutting heads
- accessories

All Andis equipment is available on Beauty Coiffure Do you want to learn hairstyling? The Andis site offers hairstyle tutorials for its members in order to teach them the professional techniques of cutting with a clipper Complete experience and support from Andis, which proves the brand's dedication to taking care of its community

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