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American Crew, the story

In 1994, David Raccuglia, an American stylist, decided to create a skincare line dedicated to men with the idea that they would take more and more care of themselves. Throughout these 25 years, the American Crew brand has never stopped innovating and anticipating trends in the world of male beauty to gradually become the leading brand in men's skincare all over the world. With 25 years of experience, the brand now offers a wide range of hair, body and beard care, as well as styling.

Men from all over the world have been won over by American Crew haircare products. With its quality styling products and well-thought-out accessories for barbers, the American brand has established itself over the years as a benchmark for 100% male hair and body products. It was even she who instilled in her path the grooming trend for men. From now on, men are enjoying the various American Crew skincare ranges at leisure.

American Crew products

American Crew proposes are hair products and body of professional quality at the best price. If the American Crew brand appeals to so many barbers and hairdressers for men around the world, it is because it offers a very wide range of washing and styling products at affordable prices. All of them are designed to specifically meet the needs of each man. Among its flagship hair and body products, we find shampoos that remove all gel residues, even those from the strongest fixations. But American Crew also offers shower gels that hydrate the skin while giving off an immediately soothing sensation of freshness.

The range also offers high- performance styling products for all haircuts and for beards and mustaches. To maintain every men's hairstyle throughout the day, American Crew styling products include both soft hold styling waxes and strong hold styling gels. Like care and accessories for barbers, these hair products have a dual function. Besides styling, they take care of the hair by moisturizing it and protecting it from the sun's UV rays. There are also waxes and balms specially designed to take care of beards and mustaches while giving them style.

Finally, the brand is also recognized for its accessories for ultra complete barbers. Next to hair and body products, American Crew is aimed directly at beard wearers with care and accessories for barbers with multiple virtues. For example, in addition to providing shine, lubricating shaving oil is particularly appreciated for its anti-irritation power.

Some good reasons to choose American Crew

American Crew is a pioneer brand in the world of beauty and men's care. This brand was able to take the turn from the start and was able to impose itself and develop its range over 25 years. Choosing American Crew means being able to trust high quality products at the best prices. Selecting American Crew products also means choosing a distinctive style. Indeed with these brown and sober packaging, American Crew care will give a retro / vintage look, very trendy, to your bathroom. Finally, American Crew continues to innovate and present increasingly personalized products that adapt to the nature of each man: oily hair, dandruff tendency, beard, etc.

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