OPI - Diamond Gel Builder Gel

Axxium Gel gives way to Diamond Gel , OPI 's new builder gel. Diamond Gel is a new system of multi-use builder gels, available in different shades of OPI iconic whites, pinks, and nudes. Comfortable to work with, to easily create harmonious and natural false nails. The different shades of nude gels make it possible to adapt to each skin tone. OPI Diamond Gel is the reference system of gels for nail extensions : false nails more real than life, and a light material to wear. It is suitable for covering natural nails , and for sculpting on shapes and capsules . Its self-leveling texture and medium viscosity make the system easy to handle. This builder gel is multi-purpose and allows you to build extensions that are both shiny and colored according to the skin tone for a long-lasting and harmonious result.

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