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With an average of 8,000 steps per day, our feet are stressed and mistreated all year round. Regular maintenance of the nails and feet is therefore very important, in terms of health and aesthetics. For this, nothing better than a good pedicure, in an institute or at home. Find here all the necessary and practical accessories to achieve a perfect foot care; foot strokes, nail files, toe spreaders, disposable kits ... There is no perfect time to take care of your feet. If you feel tired or the beginning of pain in the feet, you start to have horn or dryness, you can grab your pedicure kit immediately! Of course, a pedicure also means having beautiful feet! Do you have a party and want to wear your best sandals? Are you going to go for a walk on the beach at sunset? Prepare your feet with a nice pedicure then apply a varnish. To you pretty feet!

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