Vitality's coloring

Vitality's colors offer a wide choice in its range of colors! There is: the coloring cream with wild herbs from the Vitality's collection, to gently color and protect the hair. Its low ammonia formulation colors gently, protecting the hair. The presence of wild herbs gives the product a soothing and emollient action. Art A bsolute is an endless range of tones. Highly lasting coloring cream with mixture of protective oils. Natural essences to enhance the brightness of color. Longer duration and greater stability with the new high-performance dyes. Innovative “double effect” technology guaranteed by the exclusive formulation of Protector Oil combined with the “Absolute” coloring cream. Maximum protection thanks to linden and calendula extracts. Delicate scents to make the color service more pleasant. Vitality's Zero range is composed of gentle products, this range is the first step to avoid skin hypersensitivity problems. This is why the laboratories have created Zero, a color that is both soft and effective.

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