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The Italian brand Mesauda Milano offers a range of color gels. Amongst the references of Mesauda Milano color gels, discover mainly the 50 Nail Color gel colors and the 12 colors of Gel color Deluxe. Nail Color Gel is a highly pigmented colored gel used to coat and stain gel reconstructions. The Mesauda Milano Nail Color gel has an optimal density that allows easy preparation and product work. As for the Mesauda Milano Gel Color Deluxe, it is a colored gel with no dispersion and very high pigmentation and shine. The Gel Color Deluxe is also ideal for covering reconstructions in gel and acrylic during the realization of nail art. The optimal density of the Gel Color Deluxe allows excellent handling of the product. All Mesauda Milano UV gels must be polymerized under UV lamps.

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