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Discover Mesauda Milano removers. Discover the Mesauda Milano nail polish remover without acetone, with sweet almond oil and vitamins A. Mesauda Milano also offers a nail polish remover with acetone with Bambù extracts and Trace elements. Which Mesauda Milano remover to choose? Mesauda Milano Acetone Remover is strong and can be aggressive on nails if used very regularly. The acetone-free nail polish remover is gentler and less aggressive on your nails. On the other hand, it will require more patience since its formula is less powerful. In other words, if you are a fan of nail polish and spend a lot of time on your nails, favor polish without acetone to preserve them. On the other hand, if you use less solvent, you can afford a solvent with acetone, which is much faster and more effective.

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