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  • Wonderlack Rock that red WLE001
  • Wonderlack Pepsi pink WLE002
  • Wonderlack Honky tonk green WLE003
  • Wonderlack Orange cocktail WLE004
  • Wonderlack Beautyful bride WLE006
  • Wonderlack Desert sky WLE007
  • Wonderlack My secret WLE008
  • Wonderlack Elegant grey WLE009
  • Wonderlack Dream rose WLE011
  • Wonderlack West side story WLE013
  • Wonderlack Marry me WLE014
  • Wonderlack Red cabernet WLE015
  • Wonderlack Classy violet WLE017
  • Wonderlack Soft beige WLE018
  • Wonderlack Bright those nails WLE019
  • Wonderlack Day break WLE020
  • Wonderlack Tropical fruit WLE021
  • Wonderlack Clementine WLE022
  • Wonderlack Bahamas blue WLE023
  • Wonderlack Juicy pink WLE024
  • Wonderlack Charming pink WLE026
  • Wonderlack All that gold WLE027
  • Wonderlack Stawberry field WLE028
  • Wonderlack Charcoal WLE029
  • Wonderlack Natural rose WLE030
  • Wonderlack Love pink WLE031
  • Wonderlack Deep forest WLE032
  • Wonderlack Almost natural WLE033
  • Wonderlack Dark metal WLE035
  • Wonderlack Burgundy WLE037
  • Wonderlack Crazy pink WLE040
  • Wonderlack Summer splash WLE041
  • Wonderlack Sweet ballerine WLE043
  • Wonderlack ST Barth sea WLE044
  • Wonderlack Dark velvet WLE045
  • Wonderlack Walk on Mars WLE046
  • Wonderlack Soft grey WLE048
  • Wonderlack Wild red WLE049
  • Wonderlack Grenade island WLE052
  • Wonderlack Rock me baby WLE054
  • Wonderlack Hot summer WLE056
  • Wonderlack Deep Sea WLE057
  • Wonderlack Twilight sky WLE060
  • Wonderlack Sweet Pink WLE061
  • Wonderlack Brown Grey WLE063
  • Wonderlack Peppermint WLE064
  • Wonderlack Smashed Strawberry WLE066
  • Wonderlack Sweet Heart WLE068
  • Wonderlack Pale Sunshine WLE069
  • Wonderlack Let's get Crazy WLE072
  • Wonderlack Navy blue WLE074
  • Wonderlack Polar White WLE075
  • Wonderlack Sweet Clementine WLE076
  • Wonderlack Passion Red WLE080
  • Wonderlack Green Diamond WLE081
  • Wonderlack Pepper mint WLE082
  • Wonderlack Hot Hot Pink WLE083
  • Wonderlack Bright Yellow WLE084
  • Wonderlack Cocci Orange WLE085
  • Wonderlack Goldy Glam WLE086
  • Wonderlack Obsession WLE093
  • Wonderlack Vamp Kiss WLE094
  • Wonderlack Iconic Red WLE095
  • Wonderlack Sheer BB WLE096
  • Wonderlack Skinny Blue WLE098
  • Wonderlack Bye Bye Beautyful WLE101
  • Wonderlack Capricious WLE102
  • Wonderlack Pink Attitude WLE103
  • Wonderlack Black Meteor Dazol WLE106
  • Wonderlack Diamond dust glitter WLE107
  • Wonderlack Golden Stra Glitter WLE108
  • Wonderlack Your Higness WLE109
  • Wonderlack Bronze Metallic WLE110
  • Wonderlack Royal Rock's WLE112
  • Wonderlack Riviera Night WLE115
  • Wonderlack Electrique Lime WLE116
  • Wonderlack Something Blue WLE118
  • Wonderlack Carnation WLE119
  • Wonderlack In Love Again WLE120
  • Wonderlack Paradiso WLE122
  • Wonderlack Vintage White WLE124
  • Wonderlack Cream Blush WLE129
  • Wonderlack Velvet Orange WLE130
  • Wonderlack Mineralize WLE131
  • Wonderlack Indi Red WLE132
  • Wonderlack Extrême BNA Spring Blossom Tendre lotus WLE139
  • Wonderlack Extrême BNA Spring Blossom Amandine Poudrée WLE140
  • Wonderlack Extrême BNA Spring Blossom Chic Camélia WLE141
  • Wonderlack Extrême BNA Spring Blossom Petunia Girl WLE142
  • Wonderlack Extrême BNA Spring Blossom Princesse Fushia WLE143
  • Wonderlack Extrême BNA Spring Blossom Douce Azalée WLE144
  • Wonderlack Oratorio WLE133
  • Wonderlack Red Passionnata WLE137
  • Wonderlack Opera Punk WLE138
  • WLE157 - Cheyenne
  • WLE158 - Amazonia
  • WLE159 Apache
  • WLE161 Spirit
  • WLE163 - Extrem Fiesta
  • WLE 164 - Fandango
  • WLE165 - Zambra
  • WLE166 Love
  • WLE167 Dream
  • WLE168 Romance
  • Wonderlack Red Poison WLE169
  • Wonderlack Exotic WLE170
  • Wonderlack Tropical Cool WLE171
  • Wonderlack Corail Fluo WLE150
  • Wonderlack Extrem My Valentine - Babylove
  • Wonderlack Extrem My Valentine - Sun love
  • Wonderlack Extrem My Valentine - Soul love
  • Red Cabernet
  • Peach Bud
  • Blue Purple
  • Prism Pink
  • Bougainvillea
  • Purple Pink
  • Pinkpeacock
  • Heavy Glitter Rose Gold
  • Heavy Glitter Gold
  • Heavy Glitter Silver
  • Heavy Glitter Holo Silver
  • Sahara 210
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Wonderlack Beautynails to welcome you in its new dimension!
The semi-permanent polish that respects the natural nail plate
Many effects and possible decorations with Matte Top, Top Gloss Finish and Luxury
A pose of a disconcerting ease to everyone

  • Extreme Hold to 3 weeks
  • More than 120 colors
  • Catalysis in under 30s and 90s LED UV
  • 50 poses by 12ml bottle
  • Removing guarantee in 5 minutes without alteration of the nail without scratching


  • On a perfectly cleansed nail, file the tip of the natural nail to the length and the desired shape and push back cuticles with cuticle pushes specific BNA
  • Vigorously rub the nail with a cellulose square soaked in degreaser Wonderlack Extrem
  • Apply a thin layer of fixative Base Wonderlack Extrem without exceeding in the cuticles and tuck stops Catalyze UV lamp 90s or 30s under leds
  • Optional: moisten the stickiness with a cellulose square without rubbing
  • Apply a thin layer of Wonderlack Extrem color of your choice without going over into the cuticles and tuck stops, then cure under a UV lamp 90s or 30s as LEDs Repeat with a second layer of Wonderlack Extrem
  • Apply a moderately thin layer of Top Gloss Wonderlack Extrem, tuck stops, catalyze 90s or 30s under a UV lamp in LEDs and remove the stickiness with BNA finishing liquid for a permanent result, high-gloss and durable!

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