Velecta Paramount

Velecta Paramount

Velecta Paramount designs and manufactures innovative hair dryers and design Its expertise is recognized by professionals: its drying equipment equips hair salons as well as hotels Even individuals who have had the pleasure of using a drying electric appliance of this brand plebiscite its products and equip themselves too

TGR Velecta Paramount hair dryers at the cutting edge of hair technology

The brand Velecta Paramount chic to offer hairdryers as efficient as aesthetic Its compact devices do not leave indifferent Easy to handle, ultralight and powerful, they blow and dry in a flash Their modern, colorful, even sometimes translucent design allows them to be recognized at first glance In black, white, blue or pink, each Velecta Paramount hair dryer brings a touch of design to the world of hair beauty To complete each hairstyle, the brand offers packs including a hairdryer and a diffuser Everyone can dry their hair by giving volume and shape to its cut

From a technological point of view, Velecta Paramount blowers and heaters are manufactured in France They are famous for their longevity They benefit from state-of-the-art technology both on the engine side and on the blower side As a result, they always work in new condition even after hours of drying Every piece of equipment is thought out to the last detail, including anti-slip pads, an extra long bead, multiple speeds and drying speeds, or a touch of heat reduction

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