The art of hairdressing by Sebastian Professional

Sebastian Professional is a hairdressing brand that was founded in Los Angeles in the 1970s by Geri Cusenza and John Sebastian, Sebastian Professional was born out of the desire to make hairdressing an art. From the outset, for its two founders, it was a question of following their artistic ambition to the end and constantly creating new possibilities of expression. Professional brand created by professionals, Sebastian Professional is at the origin of the most innovative products and the most iconic looks of the last decades. It is to Geri Cuzenca and John Sebastian that we owe the first video training for hairdressers, heralding today's online training courses that help professionals to always perfect their art. It is to them that we owe the toothed iron, the basis of hairstyles for a whole generation, Cellophanes, the world's first semi-permanent color, and Laminates, a silicone-based product that gives hair incomparable shine. Other flagship products have marked these forty years of innovation and daring, such as Shaper, the first universal re-styling spray suitable for all hairstyles. In terms of looks, Geri Cuzenca and John Sebastian were just as pioneers. Drawing inspiration from the streets or the four corners of the world, they fashioned before others the grunge look to the roots, dreadlocks or even the “wet hair” effect. Since its inception, Sebastian Profesionnal has offered hairdressers and stylists innovative products and revolutionary techniques. It's your turn to adopt these legendary products used on catwalks around the world and in the most prestigious shootings to make your own hairstyle a true work of art, always more innovative, always more personal.

Sebastian Professional hair care

You will find on Beauty Coiffure the most emblematic hairdressing product lines of the Californian brand Sebastian Professionnal :
Cellophane : a line of ammonia-free treatments for semi-permanent colorings that preserve the hair's natural hydration and provide translucent color for up to 4 weeks.
Color Ignite : Conditioners for colored hair that fix color and make hair shiny and soft to the touch.
Effortless : products that make life easier, such as hairspray that allow you to endlessly reshape a hairstyle.
Hydra : shampoos, conditioners and masks that deeply hydrate dry hair.
Penetraitt : shampoos, conditioners and masks that permanently repair damaged hair.
Trilliance : Shampoos and conditioners with rock crystal extract to cleanse hair, remove residue and provide exceptional shine.
Twisted : a complete range of treatments dedicated to wavy, curly or frizzy hair. Thanks to the Flexi Alg ™ complex, the products give curly hair elasticity, lightness and volume.
Volupt : shampoos, sprays and conditioners that bring incredible volume to hair from the roots, while preserving their softness. Thanks to their two-phase formula, styling sprays allow you to create spectacular hairstyles without sticky or cardboard effect.
Dark Oil : the ideal range to sublimate the hair with precious natural oils, Dark Oil brings shine to your hair without leaving a greasy finish. Its iconic Dark Oil hair oil is very popular with hairdressing professionals.

Sebastian Professional hair stylers

You will find a wide choice in styling products from Sebastian Professional : mousse, lacquer, gel, spray, paste, wax or even dry shampoo. Sebastian's stylers are designed to withstand anything and above all allow you to dare everything for the creation and art of hairdressing!

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