The beauty brand MyriamK Paris sublimates the technique of Brazilian smoothing by creating a range of dedicated treatments under the brand Kerat In It is not a question here of being satisfied with any hair treatment based on keratin before using a straightener Hair care is produced in France and meets high quality quality criteria

In the composition of Kerat In hair care, keratin is associated with luxurious assets Without paraben, sulphates and silicones, all the brand's products work together to relax the hair as much as possible The hair becomes smooth and shine without the structure of the hair has been changed or attacked

The goal of the brand is to enable women to benefit from healthy, high-performance products for hair that is perfectly smooth and full of vitality Like beauty boosters, Kerat In products are deep-acting treatments

The Kerat In range of treatments includes:
- Smoothing serums enriched with silk proteins to tame hair longer without frizz or ripples,
- shampoos formulated to wash the hair while prolonging the Brazilian smoothing,
- anti-aging serums that regenerate the hair smoothed thanks to a composition enriched with silk protein and babassu oil,
- curative shampoos that nourish and repair devitalized hair,
- hair masks that repair, moisturize and soften damaged hair,

Result, with Kerat In , finished the hair rebels or damaged by being smoothed!

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