The history of the MYRIAM.K brand

MYRIAM.K Paris , previously known as Kerat'in , is true storytelling :
The creator of this brand is Myriam Keramane, she was destined for a legal career, but luckily for our hair, she decided to devote her life to her passion and her concern: hair! This passion did not fall from the sky, from childhood Myriam K helped her mother every weekend in her hairdressing salon. After stopping law to devote herself to hairdressing, she opened a hairdressing salon in the Parisian suburbs, a completely ordinary salon. Then one day, a Brazilian client pushes open the door of her hairdressing salon, and presents her with a product unknown in France at the time: Brazilian straightening.

This meeting is a revelation for MYRIAM.K , which decides to fly to Brazil and develop its own brand of Brazilian smoothing in order to market it in France, then to make this method of smoothing known to the French. The hair beauty brand MYRIAM.K Paris , sublimates the technique of Brazilian straightening by creating a range of treatments dedicated to European hair, because before it the treatments were not at all adapted. French smoothing was born! For MYRIAM.K , it is not a question of being satisfied with just any hair treatment based on keratin before using a straightening iron. Hair care products are produced in France and meet high-end quality criteria.

In the composition of MYRIAM.K haircare , keratin is associated with luxurious active ingredients. Without parabens, sulfates and silicones, all the brand's products work together to relax the hair to its maximum as naturally as possible. The hair becomes smooth and shiny without the structure of the hair having been modified or damaged. The aim of the brand is to allow women to benefit from healthy and efficient products for hair that is perfectly straightened and full of vitality. Like beauty boosters, MYRIAM.K products are treatments that act in depth.

Brazilian smoothing from MYRIAM.K

- Brazilian Straightening Kit Gold edition of MYRIAM.K ,
- "ONE" MYRIAM.K smoothing tannin shampoo ,
- Brazilian smoothing Keratin MYRIAM.K ,
- XL hair straightener 230 ° C / 450 ° F MYRIAM.K .

The KÉRAT.IN - ANTI.AGE - LA SOIF D'OR - BB CRÉME - ONE - BRAZILIAN OIL - MYRIAM.K skincare ranges include:

- Smoothing serums enriched with silk proteins to tame hair for longer without frizz or waves,
- Shampoos formulated to wash the hair while making the Brazilian straightening last,
- Anti-aging serums that regenerate smooth hair thanks to a composition enriched with keratin,
- Curative shampoos that nourish and repair devitalized hair,
- Hair perfume ,
- Hair masks that repair , hydrate and soften damaged hair.

Result with MYRIAM.K : no more rebellious or damaged hair from being straightened!

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