Professional Hairdressing Accessories

Discover our selection of coloring accessories , neck brooms , vaporizers , scales for coloring , curlers (permanent or elastic) , wicking and permanent caps , cash registers, hand showers and mixer taps , hairdressing clips for hair , disposable gloves and accessories , timers , presentation mirrors , bathrobes and capes , towels , training heads , essential for hairdresser training and many others. Cutting and hairdressing accessories will be of great help to you when carrying out your services, for example clips, clips, pins, elastics for haircuts and buns or even to hold the locks which can disturb during the cut or the hairstyle. Or sprays that will be perfect for dry hair during brushing. But let's not forget the other small accessories to add to your hairdressing salon such as mirrors, caps, nets and styling accessories (curlers, pins, etc.). Protective accessories are also essential to have in your hairdressing salon because hairdressers often handle products that can be irritating if they come into contact with the skin. You will find all kinds of protections for you as well as your customers such as capes, hats, gloves etc. But you will also find all the accessories necessary for the realization of your services of coloring, discoloration such as brushes, dispensers or press- tubing. For apprentice hairdressers who wish to train for practical courses, you can choose from a selection of styling heads in order to improve your skills in the performance of hairdressing services.

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