Mesauda Milano and its extreme shine nail polish Shine N'Wear

Discover the Mesauda Milano brand and its Shine N'Wear extreme shine nail polish. The classic nail polish Shine N'Wear Mesauda Milano is available in more than 30 colors sober and elegant. To protect your nails, be sure to apply a base coat Mesauda Milano beforehand to avoid the contact of the nail polish with your nails. Here are the Beauty Coiffure application tips for perfect manicures and nails: clean your nails with Remover Mesauda Milano remover, file and polish your nails to shine, moisturize your cuticles with the help of Mesauda Milano cuticle moisturizing oil, protect your nails with the base coat, apply 2 coats of Shine N'Wear varnish at 15 minutes intervals and lastly, make your nail polish last with the Mesauda Milano top coat. You skinned your varnish still fresh? A little solvent on the tip of your finger and some small pats on the hitch and voila.

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