Mesauda Milano semi-permanent nail polish

The Italian brand Mesauda Milano was selected by Beauty Coiffure for its ultra-complete range of products and for its excellent quality / price ratio. Among the many references of Mesauda Milano in the nail industry, discover the semi-permanent Gel Polish Mesauda Milano and the One Phase 3-EN-1 Mesauda Milano varnishes. What a difference ? Gel polishes are colored semi-permanent varnishes that can be applied in addition to complementary products such as the base and the top coat. The many shades of color will make your head spin! The One phase semi-permanent are the result of a new technology that combines 3 products in 1. The One Phase 3-IN-1 does not require a base or a fixative! Let yourself be transported by the 43 shades of One Phase Mesauda Milano polish.

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